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Posted by KeanyGD - April 11th, 2019

Aight, If you're wondering why I don't post very often, it's because I am really slow at what I do, compared to most people, which is why I haven't made anything since Falcon in my normal style, and let's be fair, Falcon was dreadful, it's not even on youtube anymore, but yes, I am making something rn, and hopefully you will like it, :)

Posted by KeanyGD - March 3rd, 2018

Hello, everyone!

Im Keany, and this is my Newgrounds account. I am 13 years old and like making music of any form. I started off using MuseScore, with the default sounds and nothing was adjustable. Then I upgraded to Magix Music Maker Plus, which was a mere £50 but still a giant leap from what i started with. Iv'e allways had a bizzare love for both Classical and Dubstep music genres (im learning how to get better at dubstep with help from Nitrokill217, and can pretty easily make classical anyway in my opinion.) Now I use FL Studio, Producer Edition, another HUGE leap from the previous tools, I also have a plugin called Massive, as does my friend, ​SplashyTheDuck,​ and I do believe that Xtrullor uses that, so thats a big name to look up to. I play Geometry Dash, my name being Keany​, so I dont mind if you refer to it in a review, and you can message me on GD too :)

My music isn't for everyone and If you don't like it and want to give it 0 stars, thats fine by me, my songs might be bullcrap and I don't know it, My Discord name is KeanyGD#0787 and you can contact me there if you dont have GD. (of course you could just send me a message on newgrounds too but my Wifi isn't always 1gbps. I struggle to get 10mbps on a good day xD) If you leave a comment below, I will respond to it if I can, tell me how to get better or ask any questions; I'll be happy to answer